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Let's share our favorite examples of how Second Life is being used for exploration, inquiry, and life long learning. Although Second Life is not yet available to young people , we'd also like to include those areas that have potential for virtual field trips and/or model the unique contributions of Second Life. What can we do in Second Life that we can't do in Real Life?

Check out The Potential of Multi-User Virtual Environments: Fun Plus Learning to explore some of the possibilities for teaching and learning.

Go to the Master list to see all the location pages.

Feel free to contribute! Here's how to get started:

Opportunity 1 - Share a favorite SL landmark. Create a new wiki page for the Island, place, or area you'd like to include. Please provide the name and description of the area as well as a SLurl. To make a SLurl, go to Build Your Own SLurl and enter the region and location (coordinates). Copy the URL and make a link on your wiki page. Please indicate if the location would be appropriate for a teacher-demonstration project with K12 students "over-the-shoulder". Feel free to include SL snapshots of the landscape, activities, and yourself enjoying the experience. If you wish, include anecdotes about your experiences and the things you liked or disliked about the experience.

Opportunity 2 - Can you think of a fun category, theme, adventure, virtual tour, subject area exploration, or whatever? Feel free to start your own Category page and add it to the Navigation bar and the Master list. We can link our individual location pages to as many categories as we wish. For example, you might create a theme page for "winter adventures," "a virtual tour through the Middle Ages," "shopping for freebies," "trips under water", etc. Remember, places might be included in multiple categories.

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