Samantha in the Silent sim
Samantha in the Silent sim
Samantha Kazakov
I came here to share all of my favorite places. In Second Life I spend a lot of time exploring, and recently have embarked on learning how to build and script. I also love to go shopping, mainly for clothes.

I spend a lot of time attending music events or exhibits in world, and love to learn about more!
You will notice a lot of (okay, most) of my pictures have me in front of them - I'm a bit of a Second Life tourist, and tend to take pictures with the interesting places in the background. You might see a lot of me here as a result.

Recently I have been rediscovering parts of SL with the help of the Windlight viewer - definitely worth trying!

lambbanned.jpgAnnette Olmstead
I enjoy teaching others about the joys of Second Life. Although I spend lots of time in work-related spaces like EduIsland and InfoIsland, I take some time out to play. I like to kayak, canoe, and Salsa dance. I also like hiking the natural areas and exploring the historical sites. I'm always looking for new places to explore and learn.