Newbie Field Trip

It's fun to explore Second Life as a group.

The American Library Association area on InfoIsland is a great place to meet as a group.

If you're new to Second Life, use the SEARCH button in SL to find interesting places to explore. If you need ideas, choose the Showcase tab in the Search Window to find featured locations. Learn more about the Showcase at the SL website. Be sure to check out the Learning section.

If you're looking for a place to get started, try some of the following activities:

Tour 1


Let's start by exploring the resources at Info Island. This is the most popular virtual library area in Second Life.

Community Virtual Library on InfoIsland
This is the headquarters where you can find information and events.

Religion Portal on InfoIsland
It contains areas for each religion with links to resources.

Literature - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Portal on InfoIsland
Explore science fiction and fantasy books and authors.

Mystery Manor on InfoIsland
Explore genre, authors, and hold book discussions.

banned.jpgHistorical Re-creations

Renaissance Island Island/99/91/26
Explore the town and shops. What historical period would you like to recreate?

Explore replicas of famous historical sites. Be sure to check out the Archaeology project at Transtiberim/20/56/28


Genome Island
Explore Mendel's Gardens. Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics, Genomes, the Gene Pool, and Cell Models. You can click on the animals and they will have babies based on genetic traits.

Explorer Island Island/183/151/22/
Sponsored by NASA's JPL, check out the interesting exhibits. Learn More...

Virtual Hallucinations
UC Davis-sponsored schizophrenia education program, learn what it's like to be schizophrenic.

Explore On-You-Own

NonProfit Island
Explore over 150 nonprofit organization areas.

Literature - Book Island
Focuses on the needs of book authors and publishers as well as readers.

Health - Health Info Island
Explores health topics and information.

Pirate Adventure
Explore a pirate adventure. You can even wear pirate clothing.

Le Dome
Visit landmarks like the Statue of Liberty.

Blarney Castle
Check out the Blarney Stone and castle.

Indiana University
Visit the virtual campus.

This location is designed for teaching about the production of medicines.

Mayo Clinic
Explore health care resources.

Tour 2

Let's explore some popular places for people who love books, authors, and adventure.

Imagination Island (Rachelville) Island/117/179/25
This island focuses on resources related to children's literature. Learn More...

Stanford University Library
Explore an academic library.

Social Studies

Take virtual visits to states, provinces, and countries around the world.

St. Louis Island Louis Island/183/128/30
Visit the famous landmark.

Paris 1900 1900/8/172/17
Explore this historic re-creation. Learn More...

US Holocaust Museum
Explore the virtual museum.


Explore science through visits to interesting natural areas.

NOAA Science on a Sphere
Explore the science resources at NOAA. Learn More...

NASA International Spaceflight Museum Alpha/47/82/23

Explore On Your Own

IFLA Information Literacy Section
Join discussions and activities related to information literacy.

US Military Veteran's Island
Sponsored by the VFW, participants can view memorials, meet veteran's families, participate in memorial events.

Explore SJSU's School of Library and Information Sciences area.

Georgetown Colorado
Visiting the old west of Georgetown Colorado.

Spanish Immersion
Immerse yourself in the Spanish language.

NCI Kuula
This is a great area if you're looking for people and interaction.

A virtual version of the museum in San Francisco.

World War I Simulation
Explore a training camp simulation of The Great War.

Sistine Chapel
Check out the Sistine Chapel.