About this Project

A small group of educators, librarians, and others have been e-talking about the need to share our enthusiasm and resources related to Second Life. Although national organizations like ISTE are creating more formal projects, we wanted a place to informally share our favorite landmarks, anecdotes, and experiences. We also wanted a place to categorize adventures and share photographs. This project is the result.

Project Mission

Our wiki has a broad focus.

1 - Provide a scrapbook, hotlist, and archive of our favorite experiences, places, and resources from SL. It's our way to share our passion with others. A wiki is a wonderful format for this type of communication. By getting multiple people involved, we can all share our insights from different perspectives. The project also gives us fresh places to explore.

2 - Create a resource that can be used in graduate education and library classes, workshops, etc. so people who want to jump in have some starting places. Everyone will be able to find something that will capture his/her interest.

3 - Provide a resource that can be used to stimulate ideas about the future of teaching and learning. How might SL be used for life long learning and someday be used as a tool for K-12 learning. Also a way for K-12 teachers to find a few things they might demo in their classroom.

Feel free to make additions and add yourself to our Contributors page.