Second Life Explorations

The following list provide categories, themes, or SL areas that are related in some way.

Building - learn how to create using prims
Ed Tech - places where people interested in educational technology hang out.
Fashion - in a world where everything fits (almost) perfectly, how can you not indulge yourself?
Libraries - both virtual versions of RL libraries, and libraries that only exist in SL
Natural Wonders - places of wonder and breathtaking delight!
Performance - places to dance, enjoy live music, or watch other live performances such as theater and ballet.
Relay for Life - the 2007 Relay for life events
Seasonal - Sims with seasonal focus (starting with fall/autumn!)
Social Activism - places that are involved in non-profit activities, community activities, public service, and charitable events
Space Exploration - places to explore exhibits and go on virtual space trips
Time Travel - places set in the past or future.
Tourism - visit places that are recreations of RL destinations
Underwater - explore without needing scuba gear, although I'm sure that can be arranged.