SLIS Suggestions

This page contains a list of SLurls created by SLIS students at IUPUI. Feel free to add to our list!

Visit this tranquil garden, a great place for a group discussion.

Art Gallery

Catcher in the Pie
This Second Life Cafe is where groups meet for book discussions. There are also Poetry Open Mic Nights at 2pm SLT.

Center for Online Educators

Clearwater Public Library SIM
This area is still under construction, but it's designed as a virtual presence for the public library.

Discover Gothic Literature at Literature Alive
Explore a gothic castle. This would be a fun place to get people involved with creative writing!

HealthInfo Island

Knowville is a worldwide initiative for children and teens to read, write, and create. Knowville boasted such things as an Amazing Race Webquest, a Science Quest, a Poetry Challenge and much more. You can also check the matching website at

Language Learning
Go to the lab and learn a language.

Explore the nature of east India. A great peaceful place.

Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial for American lives lost in Afghanistan

ROMA Archaeology
Visit this location to find out what archaeologists do.

Saddlemead - Plymouth Colony and Mayflower
Explore a living museum of the Plymouth Colony and the Mayflower. The site has cabins, a fort, and the Mayflower of course for visitors to explore. The area is also filled with artifacts like trundle beds and butter churns for visitors to use. There are also special features like a “magic” hayride that you can hop on to be driven around the colony.

Science School

Dedicated to artificial life experiments

Tierra Paz Seaside

UC Davis Virtual Hallucinations
This locaiton attempts to provide an experience of hallucinations similar to those experienced by those with schizophrenia

Virtual Harlem
This location is pretty cool. You can play music at the Cotton Club or visit the Apollo Theater. The graphics are all designed for the historical places to be represented as they were in their hey day.