Tips for Newbies

Are you new to SL? Do you spend lots of time running into walls and falling off cliffs? If so, fear not. Explore simple tips to make you feel more comfortable. Feel free to add your ideas:
  • Don't worry, be happy. Everyone was once and beginner. We can all empathize. Even regular SL residents run into walls.
  • Ask questions. People in SL are very nice. Feel free to talk to strangers. If they don't respond, try someone else.
  • Use information centers. Many islands have information centers with volunteers. Also, look for people who have "DOCENT" above their name. They'll be happy to help. If you're still having trouble, go to Info Island. It's filled with helpful librarians.
  • Try it. Explore and have fun. Don't worry about goofing up. If you freeze up or get lost, you can always quit and restart.
  • Stop all animations. If you find yourself doing something you can't seem to get out of, go to Tools >> Stop All Animations. Sometimes to get it to take you may need to move forward or back.
  • Join Groups. By joining groups, you are notified about events that might pertain to your interests. A great way to plan your SL social calendar!